cluster agent connection modify

Modify agent connection

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


Modify agent connection properties.


-name <text> - Name
Specify connection name.
[-destination <text>] - Destination URL
Specify destination URL. For secure websocket, this should be amqpwss://<host[:port]>
[-use-proxy {true|false}] - Use Proxy
Establish this connection through the HTTP Proxy server associated with this connection's IPspace.
[-subscribe-address <text>] - Subscribe Address
AMQP address to which ONTAP will subscribe. Defaults to "ontap.agent.manager".
[-publish-address <text>] - Publish Address
AMQP address to which ONTAP will publish. Defaults to "ontap.agent.cluster".
[-certificate-uuid <UUID>] - Auth Certificate UUID
Specify uuid of an existing certificate to use for authentication to the destination.
[-certificate-name <text>] - Auth Certificate Name
Specify name of certificate to be used for authentication to the destination. If paired with certificate-private-key, it names the new certificate.
[-csr-token <text>] - Auth CSR Token
Token for authenticating with CSR URL. Not audited.
[-idle-timeout <integer>] - Idle Timeout
AMQP idle timeout. Defaults to 0. If set, the local peer will disconnect if it does not receive AMQP frames within the timeout
[-address-family {unknown|ipv4|ipv6}] - Address Family
Specify address family.


cluster-1::> cluster agent connection modify -name cloud_agent -destination amqpwss://