system smtape showheader

Display SMTape header

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command displays the image header of a tape. The tape must have a valid backup of data. The following information about the backup is displayed:


-tape </node_name/tape_device> - Tape Name
Use this parameter to specify the name of the tape device which is used for this SMTape operation. The format of the tape device name is /node_name/tape_device, where node_name is the name of the cluster node owning the tape and tape_device is the name of the tape device.
[-tape-block-size <integer>] - Tape Record Size in KB
Use this parameter to specify the tape record size in KB for backup and restore operations. The tape record size is in multiples of 4KB, ranging from 4KB to 256KB. The default tape record size is 240KB unless it is specified.


The following example reads the image header from the tape nrst0l residing on the node cluster1-01 and displays relevant tape header information.

cluster1::> system smtape showheader -tape /cluster1-01/nrst0l 
		-tape-block-size 240

 Tape record size in KB: 240
            Tape Number: 1
           WAFL Version: 23577
          Backup Set ID: 7d0c9a15-8e20-11e1-8741-123478563412
  Source Storage System: cluster1-01
          Source Volume: /vs1/srcvol
 Source Volume Capacity: 400.00MB
Source Volume Used Size: 0.00
        Source Snapshot: mysnap
            Volume Type: Flex
           Is SISVolume: no
         Backup Version: 1:3
     Backup Sequence No: 0
            Backup Mode: dw-data
         Time of Backup: 4/24/2012 15:16:38
Time of Previous Backup: 0/0/0 00:00:00
    Volume Total Inodes: 12789
     Volume Used Inodes: 100
    Number of Snapshots: 1
            Snapshot ID: 1
          Snapshot Time: 4/24/2012 15:16:10
          Snapshot Name: mysnap