Required equipment

When you receive your HA pair, you should receive a list of required equipment.

For more information, see the Hardware Universe to confirm your storage system type, storage capacity, and so on.

Required equipment Details
Storage system Two of the same type of storage system
Storage For more information, see the Hardware Universe.

HA interconnect adapter card (for applicable controller modules that do not share a chassis)
Note: When 32xx systems are in a dual-chassis HA pair, the c0a and c0b 10 GbE ports are the HA interconnect ports. They do not require an HA interconnect adapter.

Regardless of configuration, the 32xx system's c0a and c0b ports cannot be used for data. They are used only for the HA interconnect.

InfiniBand (IB) HA adapter

(The NVRAM adapter card functions as the HA interconnect adapter on applicable storage systems.)

For more information, see the Hardware Universe

SAS HBAs, if applicable Minimum of two SAS HBAs or their equivalent in onboard ports
Fibre Channel switches, if applicable Not applicable
Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules, if applicable Not applicable
NVRAM HA adapter media converter Only if using fiber cabling
Cables (provided with shipment unless otherwise noted)
  • Two SAS controller-to-disk shelf cables per stack
  • Multiple disk shelf-to-disk shelf cables, if applicable
  • For systems using the IB HA interconnect adapter, two 4xIB copper cables, two 4xIB optical cables, or two optical cables with media converters
    Note: You must purchase longer optical cables separately for cabling distances greater than 30 meters.
  • For 32xx systems that are in a dual-chassis HA pair, 10 GbE cables (Twin axial cabling or SR optical cables) for the HA interconnect