Isolating replacement drives from the surviving site (MetroCluster IP configurations)

You must isolate any replacement drives by taking down the MetroCluster iSCSI initiator connections from the surviving nodes.

About this task

This procedure is only required on MetroCluster IP configurations.


  1. From either surviving node's prompt, change to the advanced privilege level: set -privilege advanced
    You need to respond with y when prompted to continue into advanced mode and see the advanced mode prompt (*>).
  2. Disconnect the iSCSI initiators on both surviving nodes in the DR group: storage iscsi-initiator disconnect -node surviving-node -label *
    This command must be issued twice, once for each of the surviving nodes.
    The following example shows the commands for disconnecting the initiators on site B:
    site_B::*> storage iscsi-initiator disconnect -node node_B_1 -label *  
    site_B::*> storage iscsi-initiator disconnect -node node_B_2 -label *
  3. Return to the admin privilege level: set -privilege admin