Editing FlexGroup volumes

You can use System Manager to edit the properties of an existing FlexGroup volume.

Before you begin

The FlexGroup volume must be online.


  1. Click Storage > Volumes.
  2. From the Volumes on SVM list, select All SVMs.
  3. Select the FlexGroup volume that you want to modify, and click Edit.
  4. Specify the size to which you want to resize the FlexGroup volume.
    By default, existing aggregates are used to resize the FlexGroup volume.
    Note: If you want to expand the FlexGroup volume by adding new resources, you should click (advanced options).
  5. Specify the percentage of the Snapshot copy reserve.
  6. Optional: Click to modify the FlexGroup volume settings.
    1. In the General Details section, select the space reserve and security style, and then set the UNIX permission for the volume.
      When thin provisioning is enabled, space is allocated to the volume from the aggregate only when data is written to the volume.
      Note: For AFF storage systems, thin provisioning is enabled by default and for other storage systems, thick provisioning is enabled by default.
    2. In Optimize space section, enable fractional reserve, and then grow or shrink the volume, as required.
    3. In the Storage Efficiency section, enable deduplication on the volume.
    4. Click Apply to update the changes.
  7. Click Save to save the changes.