Deciding whether to use the Data Protection Power Guide

This guide describes how to manage Snapshot copies on a local ONTAP system, and how to replicate Snapshot copies to a remote system using SnapMirror. You can replicate Snapshot copies for disaster recovery or long-term retention.

Note: The Data Protection Power Guide replaces the Data Protection Using SnapMirror and SnapVault Guide.

You should use this guide under the following circumstances:

If you want more information about the SnapMirror Business Continuity feature added in ONTAP 9.8, which provides Zero Recovery Time Objective (Zero RTO) or Transparent Application Failover (TAF) to enable automatic failover of business-critical applications in SAN environments, see the following documentation: NetApp Documentation: SnapMirror Business Continuity

If you want to quickly perform volume backup and recovery using best practices, you should choose among the following documentation:

If you require additional configuration or conceptual information, you should choose among the following documentation: