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Layout of the Documentation Center
  1. Links to other resources

    These links open in a new browser window or tab.

  2. Documentation Center title

    You can click the title to show the home page.

  3. Search and filtering

    You can search for specific content in the Documentation Center by entering a search string in this field, and then pressing Enter. You can also create filters to limit what content you see throughout the Documentation Center.

  4. Navigation area

    You can navigate through the Documentation Center using the table of contents (Contents tab), index (Index tab), or results of the most recent search (Search tab).

  5. Toolbar
    Button: Highlight search terms
    Search highlight is turned on. Click to turn highlight off.
    Button: Highlight search terms
    Search highlight is turned off. Click to turn highlight on.

    The highlight button is visible only after searching for content.

    Button: Show home page
    Show the home page.
    Button: Provide feedback
    Provide feedback using the feedback tool.
    Button: Show next topic
    Show the next topic.
    Button: Show previous topic
    Show the previous topic.
    Button: Print this topic
    Print the topic that is currently displayed in the content area.
    Button: Print this topic and all subtopics
    Merge the topic that is currently displayed in the content area and all of its subordinate topics, and then print them.
    Button: Hide navigation
    Hide the navigation area.
    Button: Show navigation
    Show the navigation area.
    Selector: Choose language
    Show content in the selected language (where available).

    Not all Documentation Centers have localized technical content.

  6. Topic ratings

    You can see how other readers have rated topics and rate them yourself.

  7. Content area

    Topics are displayed in this area.