What's New

Simplicity features

A totally redesigned ONTAP System Manager (formerly OnCommand System Manager) simplifies ONTAP 9.7 management with an intuitive graphical user interface. The new dashboard shows key cluster status and performance on one screen.

The documentation for ONTAP System Manager is totally redesigned as well. Easy-to-navigate content is quick and easy to use. Watch embedded videos for quick overviews of major management tasks.


Automation features

ONTAP 9.7 includes all of the REST APIs you need to automate ONTAP configuration and management. The updated REST API Developers Guide gets you up to speed on the APIs quickly and includes typical workflow examples you can use as a starting point for your own scripts.

The new ONTAP System Manager has an API window that displays the REST API calls it sends to ONTAP. You can copy the calls and modify them for your own applications.

REST API Developers Guide

Performance features

FabricPool enhancements
  • You can mirror cold data to two object stores simultaneously.
  • FabricPool mirrors are now supported on MetroCluster configurations.

Disks and Aggregates Power Guide

FlexGroup volume enhancements
  • You can now clone FlexGroup volumes.
  • You can back up FlexGroup volumes to tape and restore them using NDMP.
  • You can access FlexGroup volumes using NFSv4 and NFSv4.1.

Scalability and Performance Using FlexGroup Volumes Power Guide

About changes in ONTAP 9 releases

CLI (command-line interface) updates
Changes to the CLI commands are listed on the NetApp Support Site in a comparison tool.

NetApp CLI Comparison: New and changed commands in ONTAP

Release Notes
ONTAP Release Notes

7-Mode Transition Tool Release Notes