Creating a Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) on an All Flash FAS system

The process for creating SVMs is the same for either an AFF or a FAS system, but the SVM on an AFF system uses different options.


  1. Create an SVM using the default IPspace, root volume security style of UNIX, and no Snapshot policy:
    If you want to use... Then...
    Cluster Setup Wizard The Cluster Setup Wizard creates your SVM when you first create the cluster.
    System Manager Create the SVM by using the SVM Create Wizard.
    CLI Enter the following command: vserver create -vserver <vserver> [-ipspace <IPspace>] -rootvolume <volume name> -aggregate <aggregate name> -rootvolume-security-style <security style> [-snapshot-policy <snapshot policy>]

    The following example creates an SVM named in the default IPspace. The SVM's root volume is named as root_vs0, is located on aggregate aggr0, and has the UNIX security style. The Snapshot policy is specified as None.

    vserver create -vserver -ipspace default -rootvolume root_vs0 -aggregate aggr0 -rootvolume-security-style unix -snapshot-policy none