Creating aggregates on All Flash FAS systems

The process for creating aggregates on All Flash FAS systems is the same as on a FAS system, but you should specify certain options that are specific to AFF.


  1. Create one data aggregate on each node using 23 partitions and one hot spare partition per node:
    If you want to use... Then...
    System Manager Create the aggregates by using the Aggregate Create Wizard.
    CLI Enter the following command: storage aggregate create -aggregate <aggr_name> -diskcount <number_of_partitions> [-node <node_name>]

    The following example creates aggregate named aggr0 on a node named node0. The aggregate contains 23 disks.

    storage aggregate create -aggregate aggr0 -node node0 -diskcount 23
  2. Create additional aggregates if your system has more than 48 disks.