Moving disk drives to the new chassis

You need to move the disk drives from each bay opening in the old chassis to the same bay opening in the new chassis.


  1. Gently remove the bezel from the front of the system.
  2. Remove the disk drives:
    1. Press the release button at the top of the carrier face below the LEDs.
    2. Pull the cam handle to its fully open position to unseat the disk drive from the midplane, and then gently slide the disk drive out of the disk shelf.
      The disk drive should disengage from the chassis, allowing it to slide free of the chassis.
      Attention: When removing a disk drive, always use two hands to support its weight.
      Attention: Disk drives are fragile. Handle them as little as possible to prevent damage to them.
  3. Align the disk drive from the old chassis with the same bay opening in the new chassis.
  4. Gently push the disk drive into the chassis as far as it will go.
    The cam handle engages and begins to lift upward.
  5. Firmly push the disk drive the rest of the way into the chassis, and then lock the cam handle by pushing it up and against the disk drive holder.
    Be sure to close the cam handle slowly so that it aligns correctly with the front of the drive carrier. You will hear it click when it is secure.
  6. Repeat the process for the remaining disk drives in the system.