Shutting down the impaired node

To shut down the impaired node, you must determine the status of the node and, if necessary, take over the node so that the healthy node continues to serve data from the impaired node storage.

Before you begin


  1. If the impaired node is part of an HA pair, disable automatic giveback from the console of the healthy node: storage failover modify -node local -auto-giveback false
  2. Take the impaired node to the LOADER prompt:
    If the impaired node is displaying... Then...
    The LOADER prompt Go to the next step.
    Waiting for giveback...

    Press Ctrl-C, and then respond y.

    System prompt or password prompt (enter system password) Take over or halt the impaired node: storage failover takeover -ofnode impaired_node_name

    When the impaired node shows Waiting for giveback..., press Ctrl-C, and then respond y.