Moving the NVMEM battery

To move the NVMEM battery from the old controller module to the new controller module, you must perform a specific sequence of steps.


  1. Check the NVMEM LED:
    • If your system is in an HA configuration, go to the next step.
    • If your system is in a stand-alone configuration, cleanly shut down the controller module, and then check the NVRAM LED identified by the NV icon.

      Attention: The NVRAM LED blinks while destaging contents to the flash memory when you halt the system. After the destage is complete, the LED turns off.
      • If power is lost without a clean shutdown, the NVMEM LED flashes until the destage is complete, and then the LED turns off.
      • If the LED is on and power is on, unwritten data is stored on NVMEM.

        This typically occurs during an uncontrolled shutdown after ONTAP has successfully booted.

  2. Open the CPU air duct and locate the NVMEM battery.

    Battery lock tab
    NVMEM battery pack
  3. Grasp the battery and press the blue locking tab marked PUSH, and then lift the battery out of the holder and controller module.
  4. Remove the battery from the controller module and set it aside.