Replacing a caching module

To replace a caching module, referred to as the Flash Cache on the label on your controller, locate the slot inside the controller and follow the specific sequence of steps. See the FRU map on the controller module for the location of the Flash Cache.

Before you begin

Your storage system must meet certain criteria depending on your situation:
  • It must have the appropriate operating system for the caching module you are installing.
  • It must support the caching capacity.
  • Although the contents of the caching module is encrypted, it is a best practice to erase the contents of the module before replacing it. For more information, see the Statement of Volatility for your system on the NetApp Support Site.
    Note: You must log into the NetApp Support Site to display the Statement of Volatility for your system.
  • All other components in the storage system must be functioning properly; if not, you must contact technical support.

About this task

You can use the following animation or the written steps to replace a caching module.


  1. If you are not already grounded, properly ground yourself.
  2. Open the air duct:
    1. Press the locking tabs on the sides of the air duct in toward the middle of the controller module.
    2. Slide the air duct toward the back of the controller module, and then rotate it upward to its completely open position.
  3. Using the FRU map on the controller module, locate the failed caching module and remove it:
    Depending on your configuration, there may be zero, one, or two caching modules in the controller module. The failed caching module's LED is lit.
    1. Press the blue release tab.
      The caching module end rises clear of the release tab.
    2. Rotate the caching module up and slide it out of the socket.
  4. Install the replacement caching module:
    1. Align the edges of the replacement caching module with the socket and gently insert it into the socket.
    2. Rotate the caching module downward toward the motherboard.
    3. Placing your finger at the end of the caching module by the blue button, firmly push down on the caching module end, and then lift the locking button to lock the caching module in place.
  5. Close the air duct:
    1. Rotate the air duct down to the controller module.
    2. Slide the air duct toward the risers to lock it in place.