Preparing for installation

To install your system, you need to create an account, register the system, and get license keys. You also need to inventory the appropriate number and type of cables for your system and collect specific network information.

Before you begin

You need to have access to the Hardware Universe for information about site requirements as well as additional information on your configured system. You might also want to have access to the Release Notes for your version of ONTAP for more information about this system.

NetApp Hardware Universe

Find the Release Notes for your version of ONTAP 9

You need to provide the following at your site:


  1. Unpack the contents of all boxes.
  2. Record the system serial number from the controllers.

  3. Inventory and make a note of the number and types of cables you received.
    The following table identifies the types of cables you might receive. If you receive a cable not listed in the table, see the Hardware Universe to locate the cable and identify its use.

    NetApp Hardware Universe

    Type of cable... Part number and length Connector type For...
    100 GbE cable (QSF(28)

    X66211A-05 (112-00595), 0.5m

    X66211A-1 (112-00573), 1m

    X66211A-2 (112-00574), 2m

    X66211A-5 (112-00574), 5m

    Storage, cluster interconnect/HA, and Ethernet data (order-dependent)
    25 GbE cable (SFP28s)

    X66240-2 (112-00598), 2m

    X66240-5 (112-00639), 5m

    GbE network connection (order-dependent)
    32 Gb FC (SFP+ Op)

    X66250-2 (112-00342), 2m

    X66250-5 (112-00344), 5m

    X66250-15 (112-00346), 15m

    FC network connection
    Storage Cables

    X66030A (112-00435), .5m

    X66031A (112-00436), 1m

    X66032A (112-00437), 2m

    X66033A (112-00438), 3m

    mini-SAS HD to mini-SAS HD cables (order-dependent)
    Optical cables X66250-2-N-C (112-00342) 16 Gb FC or 25GbE cables for mezzanine cards (order-dependent)
    RJ-45 (order dependant)

    X6585-R6 (112-00291), 3m

    X6562-R6 (112-00196), 5m

    Management network
    Micro-USB console cable Not applicable Console connection used during software setup if laptop or console does not support network discovery.
    Power cables Not applicable Powering up the system
  4. Review the NetApp ONTAP Confiuration Guide and collect the required information listed in that guide.