Replacing the boot media

You must locate the boot media in the controller and follow the directions to replace it.


  1. Lift the black air duct at the back of the controller module and then locate the boot media using the following illustration or the FRU map on the controller module:

    Press release tab
    Boot media
  2. Press the blue button on the boot media housing to release the boot media from its housing, and then gently pull it straight out of the boot media socket.
    Note: Do not twist or pull the boot media straight up, because this could damage the socket or the boot media.
  3. Align the edges of the replacement boot media with the boot media socket, and then gently push it into the socket.
  4. Check the boot media to make sure that it is seated squarely and completely in the socket.
    If necessary, remove the boot media and reseat it into the socket.
  5. Push the boot media down to engage the locking button on the boot media housing.
  6. Reinstall the controller module lid by aligning the pins on the lid with the slots on the motherboard carrier, and then slide the lid into place.