Replacing the DIMMs

To replace the DIMMs, locate them inside the controller and follow the specific sequence of steps.


  1. If you are not already grounded, properly ground yourself.
  2. Locate the DIMMs on your controller.
    Note: Each system memory DIMM has an LED located on the board next to each DIMM slot. The LED for the faulty blinks every two seconds.
  3. Slowly push apart on the two DIMM ejector tabs, on either side of the DIMM to eject the DIMM from its slot, and then slide it out of the socket and set it aside.
    Attention: Carefully hold the DIMM by the edges to avoid pressure on the components on the DIMM circuit board.

    DIMM ejector tabs
  4. Remove the replacement DIMM from the antistatic shipping bag, hold the DIMM by the corners, and align it to the slot.
    The notch among the pins on the DIMM should line up with the tab in the socket.
  5. Make sure that the DIMM latches on the connector are in the open position, and then insert the DIMM squarely into the slot.
    The DIMM fits tightly in the slot, but should go in easily. If not, realign the DIMM with the slot and reinsert it.
    Attention: Visually inspect the DIMM to verify that it is evenly aligned and fully inserted into the slot.
  6. Push carefully, but firmly, on the top edge of the DIMM until the latches snap into place over the notches at the ends of the DIMM.
  7. Close the controller module cover.