Rebooting the controller after PCIe module replacement

After you replace a PCIe module, you must reboot the controller module.


  1. If the node is at the LOADER prompt, boot the node, responding y if you see a prompt warning of a system ID mismatch and asking to override the system ID: bye
  2. If your system is configured to support 10 GbE cluster interconnect and data connections on 40 GbE NICs or onboard ports, convert these ports to 10 GbE connections by using the nicadmin convert command from Maintenance mode.
    Note: Be sure to exit Maintenance mode after completing the conversion.
  3. Return the node to normal operation:
    If your system is in... Issue this command from the partner's console...
    An HA pair storage failover giveback -ofnode impaired_node_name
    A two-node MetroCluster configuration Proceed to the next step.

    The MetroCluster switchback procedure is done in the next task in the replacement process.

  4. If automatic giveback was disabled, reenable it: storage failover modify -node local -auto-giveback true