Adding an X91148A module as a NIC module in a system with open slots

To add an X91148A module as a NIC module in a system with open slots, you must follow the specific sequence of steps.


  1. Shutdown controller A:
    1. Disable automatic giveback: storage failover modify -node local -auto-giveback false
    2. Take over the target node: storage failover takeover -ofnode target_node_name
      The console connection shows that the node drops to the LOADER prompt when the takeover is complete.
  2. If you are not already grounded, properly ground yourself.
  3. Remove the target slot blanking cover:
    1. Depress the lettered and numbered cam button.
    2. Rotate the cam latch down until it is in a horizontal position.
    3. Remove the blanking cover.
  4. Install the X91148A module:
    1. Align the X91148A module with the edges of the slot.
    2. Slide the X91148A module into the slot until the lettered and numbered I/O cam latch begins to engage with the I/O cam pin.
    3. Push the I/O cam latch all the way up to lock the module in place.
  5. Cable the module to the data switches.
  6. Reboot controller A. boot_ontap
  7. Giveback the node from the partner node. storage failover giveback -ofnode target_node_name
  8. Enable automatic giveback if it was disabled: storage failover modify -node local -auto-giveback true
  9. If you are using slots 3 and/or 7 for networking, use the storage port modify -node <node name> -port <port name> -mode network command to convert the slot for networking use.
  10. Repeat these steps for controller B.