Booting the recovery image in a two-node MetroCluster configuration

You must boot the ONTAP image from the USB drive and verify the environmental variables.

About this task

This procedure applies to systems in a two-node MetroCluster configuration.


  1. From the LOADER prompt, boot the recovery image from the USB flash drive: boot_recovery
    The image is downloaded from the USB flash drive.
  2. When prompted, either enter the name of the image or accept the default image displayed inside the brackets on your screen.
  3. After the image is installed, start the restoration process:
    1. Press n when prompted to restore the backup configuration.
    2. Press y when prompted to reboot to start using the newly installed software.
      You should be prepared to interrupt the boot process when prompted.
  4. As the system boots, press Ctrl-C after you see the Press Ctrl-C for Boot Menu message., and when the Boot Menu is displayed select option 6.
  5. Verify that the environmental variables are set as expected.
    1. Take the node to the LOADER prompt.
    2. Check the environment variable settings with the printenv command.
    3. If an environment variable is not set as expected, modify it with the setenv environment_variable_name changed_value command.
    4. Save your changes using the saveenv command.
    5. Reboot the node.