Moving the boot media

You must locate the boot media, and then follow the directions to remove it from the impaired controller module and insert it into the replacement controller module.

About this task

You can use the following animation or the written steps to move the boot media from the impaired controller module to the replacement controller module.


  1. Locate and remove the boot media from the controller module:
    1. Press the blue button at the end of the boot media until the lip on the boot media clears the blue button.
    2. Rotate the boot media up and gently pull the boot media out of the socket.
  2. Move the boot media to the new controller module, align the edges of the boot media with the socket housing, and then gently push it into the socket.
  3. Check the boot media to make sure that it is seated squarely and completely in the socket.
    If necessary, remove the boot media and reseat it into the socket.
  4. Lock the boot media in place:
    1. Rotate the boot media down toward the motherboard.
    2. Press the blue locking button so that it is in the open position.
    3. Placing your fingers at the end of the boot media by the blue button, firmly push down on the boot media end to engage the blue locking button.