Moving the NVRAM card

As part of the controller replacement process, you must remove the NVRAM card from Riser 1 in the impaired controller module and install the card into Riser 1 of the replacement controller module. You should only reinstall Riser 1 into the replacement controller module after you have moved the DIMMs from the impaired controller module to the replacement controller module.


  1. If you are not already grounded, properly ground yourself.
  2. Remove the NVRAM riser, Riser 1, from the controller module:
    1. Rotate the riser locking latch on the left side of the riser up and toward the fans.
      The NVRAM riser raises up slightly from the controller module.
    2. Lift the NVRAM riser up, shift it toward the fans so that the sheet metal lip on the riser clears the edge of the controller module, lift the riser straight up out of the controller module, and then place it on a stable, flat surface so that you can access the NVRAM card.

      Air duct
      Riser 1 locking latch
      NVRAM battery cable plug connecting to the NVRAM card
      Card locking bracket
      NVRAM card
  3. Remove the NVRAM card from the riser module:
    1. Turn the riser module so that you can access the NVRAM card.
    2. Unplug the NVRAM battery cable that is attached to the NVRAM card.
    3. Press the locking bracket on the side of the NVRAM riser, and then rotate it to the open position.
    4. Remove the NVRAM card from the riser module.
  4. Remove the NVRAM riser from the replacement controller module.
  5. Install the NVRAM card into the NVRAM riser:
    1. Align the card with the card guide on the riser module and the card socket in the riser.
    2. Slide the card squarely into the card socket.
      Note: Make sure that the card is completely and squarely seated into the riser socket.
    3. Connect the battery cable to the socket on the NVRAM card.
    4. Swing the locking latch into the locked position and make sure that it locks in place.