Moving the NVRAM battery

When replacing the controller module, you must move the NVRAM battery from the impaired controller module to the replacement controller module


  1. If you are not already grounded, properly ground yourself.
  2. Locate the NVRAM battery on the left side of the riser module, Riser 1.

    NVRAM battery plug
    Blue NVRAM battery locking tab
  3. Locate the battery plug and squeeze the clip on the face of the battery plug to release the plug from the socket, and then unplug the battery cable from the socket.
  4. Grasp the battery and press the blue locking tab marked PUSH, and then lift the battery out of the holder and controller module.
  5. Move the battery pack to the replacement controller module, and then install it in the NVRAM riser:
    1. Slide the battery pack down along the sheet metal side wall until the support tabs on the side wall hook into the slots on the battery pack, and the battery pack latch engages and locks into place.
    2. Press firmly down on the battery pack to make sure that it is locked into place.
    3. Plug the battery plug into the riser socket and make sure that the plug locks into place.