Manually reassigning the system ID on a stand-alone system in ONTAP

In a stand-alone system, you must manually reassign disks to the new controller's system ID before you return the system to normal operating condition.

About this task

This procedure applies only to systems that are in a stand-alone configuration.


  1. If you have not already done so, reboot the replacement node, interrupt the boot process by pressing Ctrl-C, and then select the option to boot to Maintenance mode from the displayed menu.
    You must enter Y when prompted to override the system ID due to a system ID mismatch.
  2. View the system IDs: disk show -a
    You should make a note of the old system ID, which is displayed as part of the disk owner column.
    The following example shows the old system ID of 118073209:
    *> disk show -a
    Local System ID: 118065481
      DISK      OWNER                  POOL   SERIAL NUMBER   HOME
    --------    -------------          -----  -------------   -------------
    disk_name    system-1  (118073209)  Pool0  J8XJE9LC        system-1  (118073209)
    disk_name    system-1  (118073209)  Pool0  J8Y478RC        system-1  (118073209)
  3. Boot the node: boot_ontap