Cabling a two node switchless cluster, Ethernet configuration

RJ45 ports and management ports on the controller modules are connected to switches. The cluster interconnect ports are cabled on both controller modules.

Before you begin

You must have contacted your network administrator for information about connecting the system to the switches.

About this task

Be sure to check the illustration arrow for the proper cable connector pull-tab orientation.

Note: As you insert the connector, you should feel it click into place; if you do not feel it click, remove it, turn it around and try again.


  1. You can use the animation or the step-by step instructions to complete the cabling between the controllers and to the switches:

    Step Perform on each controller
    Cable the cluster interconnect ports to each other with the cluster interconnect cable:
    • e0a to e0a
    • e0b to e0b

    Use the Cat 6 RJ45 cable to cable the e0c through e0f ports to your host network:

    Cable the e0M ports to the management network switches with the RJ45 cables .

    DO NOT plug in the power cords at this point.
  2. To complete setting up your system, see Completing system setup and configuration