Replacing the RTC battery

To replace the RTC battery, you need to locate it inside the controller module, and then follow the specific sequence of steps.


  1. Locate the RTC battery.

  2. Gently push the battery away from the holder, rotate it away from the holder, and then lift it out of the holder.
    Note: Note the polarity of the battery as you remove it from the holder. The battery is marked with a plus sign and must be positioned in the holder correctly. A plus sign near the holder tells you how the battery should be positioned.
  3. Remove the replacement battery from the antistatic shipping bag.
  4. Locate the empty battery holder in the controller module.
  5. Note the polarity of the RTC battery, and then insert it into the holder by tilting the battery at an angle and pushing down.
  6. Visually inspect the battery to make sure that it is completely installed into the holder and that the polarity is correct.