Adding the new node as a LUN mapping's reporting node

You must manually add the second node as a reporting node to make the Multipath I/O (MPIO) operational.


  1. Change the LUN mapping reporting nodes to include the new node: lun mapping add-reporting-nodes -vserver * -path * -igroup * -local-nodes true
  2. Verify that the newly added node is the reporting node in addition to the existing nodes: lun mapping show -fields reporting-nodes
    grkna-cm-t3::*> lun mapping show -fields reporting-nodes
    vserver   path                          igroup     reporting-nodes
    --------- ----------------------------- ---------- ------------------------------
    testvs    /vol/testvol1/testlun1        testig     ste-s8080-01a,ste-s8080-01b