Cabling a hot-add shelf for an AFF A320 HA pair

You cable a second NS224 drive shelf to an existing HA pair when additional storage is needed.

Before you begin

About this task

This procedure assumes that your AFF A320 HA pair has an existing NS224 shelf and that you are hot-adding a second shelf.


  1. Cable the shelf to the controller modules.
    1. Cable NSM A port e0a to controller A port e0e.
    2. Cable NSM A port e0b to controller B port e0b.
    3. Cable NSM B port e0a to controller B port e0e.
    4. Cable NSM B port e0b to controller A port e0b.
    The following illustration shows cabling for the hot-added shelf (shelf 2):

  2. Verify that the hot-added shelf is cabled correctly.
    If any cabling errors are generated, follow the corrective actions provided.

    NetApp Downloads: Config Advisor

  3. If you disabled automatic drive assignment as part of the preparation for this procedure, you need to manually assign drive ownership and then re enable automatic drive assignment, if needed.
    Otherwise, you are done with this procedure.

    Completing the hot-add