Disk drive LEDs

The LEDs on a disk drive indicates whether it is functioning normally or there are problems with the hardware.

Disk drive LEDs for DS224C and DS212C disk shelves

The following table describes the two LEDs on the disk drives used in DS224C and DS212C disk shelves:
Callout LED name State Description
Activity Solid green The disk drive has power.
Blinking green The disk drive has power and I/O operations are in progress.
Attention Solid amber An error occurred with the function of the disk drive.

Check event messages to determine corrective action to take.

Depending on your disk shelf model, disk drives are arranged vertically or horizontally in the disk shelf, dictating the location of the two LEDs.

The following illustration is for a disk drive used in a DS224C disk shelf.

DS224C disk shelves use 2.5-inch disk drives arranged vertically in the disk shelf.

The following illustration is for a disk drive used in a DS212C disk shelf.

DS212C disk shelves use 3.5-inch disk drives or 2.5-inch disk drives in carriers arranged horizontally in the disk shelf.

Disk drive LEDs for DS460C disk shelves

The following illustration and table describes the drive activity LEDs on the drive drawer and their operational states:

Location LED Status indicator Description
1 Attention: Drawer attention for each drawer. Solid amber

A component within the drive drawer requires operator attention.


No drive or other component in the drawer requires attention and no drive in the drawer has an active locate operation.

Blinking amber

A locate drive operation is active for any drive within the drawer.

2-13 Activity: Drive activity for drives 0 through 11 in the drive drawer. Green

The power is turned on and the drive is operating normally.

Blinking green

The drive has power, and I/O operations are in progress.


The power is turned off.

When the drive drawer is open, an attention LED can be seen in front of each drive.

1 Attention LED light on