Operator display panel LEDs

The LEDs on the disk shelf front operator display panel indicate whether your disk shelf is functioning normally or there are problems with the hardware.

The following table describes the three LEDs on the operator display panel used in DS460C, DS224C, and DS212C disk shelves:
LED icon LED name State Description
Power Solid green One or more power supplies are supplying power to the disk shelf.
Attention Solid amber An error occurred with the function of one of more FRUs: the disk shelf, disk drives, IOM12 modules, or power supplies.

Check event messages to determine corrective action to take.

Blinking amber The shelf ID is in a pending state.

Power cycle the disk shelf for the shelf ID to take affect.

Location Solid blue The system administrator activated this LED function to aid in physically locating the disk shelf requiring service.
Note: The location LED on the operator display panel and both IOM12 modules illuminate when this LED function is activated. Location LEDs automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

Depending on your disk shelf model, the operator display panel looks different; however, the three LEDs are arranged in the same way.

The following illustration is of a DS224C disk shelf operator display panel with the end cap on: