Overview of the Broadcom-supported BES-53248 cluster switch

Broadcom-supported BES-53248 cluster switches are designed to work in clusters ranging in size from two to 24 nodes in ONTAP 9.5P8 and later. Support for 40/100 GbE cluster ports starts with EFOS firmware version and later.

BES-53248 is a switch running on a Broadcom-embedded OS known as Ethernet Fabric OS (EFOS).

The following table lists the part number and description for the BES-53248 cluster switch, rack mount rail kit, fans, and power supplies:

Part number Description
X190005 BES-53248, CLSW, 16Pt10/25GB, PTSX, BRDCM SUPP (PTSX = Port Side Exhaust)
X190005R BES-53248, CLSW, 16Pt10/25GB, PSIN, BRDCM SUPP (PSIN = Port Side Intake)
X-RAIL-4POST-190005 Rack mount rail kit Ozeki 4 post 19"
X-FAN-190005-R Fan, port side intake X190005
X-FAN-190005-F Fan, port side exhaust X190005
X-PSU-190005-R Power supply, port side intake X190005
X-PSU-190005-F Power supply, port side exhaust X190005
Overview of airflow based on the two models offered:

See the NetApp KB article: How to add additional port licensing for the Broadcom-supported BES-53248 switch for details on adding additional port licenses.

For information on the relevant connectors and cable options to use along with their part numbers, see the NetApp Hardware Universe.

For more information, see the Cluster Network and Management Network Compatibility Matrix available from the BES-53248 switch download site Broadcom cluster switches.