Tips for viewing the Documentation Center on mobile devices

All major features of the Documentation Center work on most common mobile devices.

Content display
  • The Documentation Center looks better on a tablet or large-screen phone than on a small phone.
  • You might find that content is easier to view in the wide layout.
  • You cannot change the relative size of the navigation and content panes using a touchscreen. The mobile browser might adjust the layout based on the content in either pane.
  • You can use the Button: Hide navigation and Button: Show navigation buttons to maximize the content pane while you are reading, and then restore the normal layout.
  • In the content pane, you can use the Button: Show next topic and Button: Show previous topic buttons to move to the next or previous topic.
  • In some mobile browsers, areas of the window that do not typically move (such as the search field) are not fixed in place.
  • If the navigation pane has expanded and pushed text in the content pane out of view, you can tap Button: Hide navigation then Button: Show navigation to reset the view without leaving the current topic.
If your mobile operating system allows downloading directly to a supporting application, you should be able to download PDFs and EPUBs directly from the Documentation Center to the supporting application.
Feedback tools
If the feedback form does not display correctly, you can provide feedback by email using the link in any page footer.

If you are providing feedback that is specifically related to mobile display, include the following additional information:

  • Device manufacturer and model
  • Operating system version
  • Browser name and version
Content filtering works normally, but instead of opening a window where you can select and define filters, the dialogs open as new tabs.
External links open in a new browser tab.
If your mobile operating system supports printing and a printer is available, you should be able to print either individual topics or sets of topics. If you choose the option to print a topic and all subordinate topics, the content will concatenate in a new tab for printing.
Depending on the size of your mobile device, you might need to zoom in to type your search string. You can tap the button or use your keyboard Enter or Return key to run the search.