Adding a cluster

You can add a cluster running Element software using the NetApp Element Configuration extension point. After a connection has been established to the cluster, the cluster can then be managed using the NetApp Element Management extension point.

Before you begin

About this task

This procedure describes how to add a cluster profile so that the cluster can be managed by the plug-in. You cannot modify cluster administrator credentials using the plug-in. For instructions on changing credentials for a cluster administrator account, see the NetApp Element Software User Guide.

Attention: The vSphere HTML5 web client and Flash web client have separate databases that cannot be combined. Clusters added in one client will not be visible in the other. If you intend to use both clients, add your clusters in both.


  1. Select NetApp Element Configuration > Clusters.
  2. Click Add Cluster.
  3. In the Add Cluster dialog box, enter the following information:
    • IP address/FQDN: Enter the cluster MVIP address.
    • User ID: Enter a cluster administrator user name.
    • Password: Enter a cluster administrator password.
    • vCenter Server: If you have set up a Linked Mode group, select the vCenter Server you want to access the cluster. If you are not using Linked Mode, the current vCenter Server is the default.
      Note: The hosts for a cluster are exclusive to each vCenter Server. Be sure that the vCenter Server you select has access to the intended hosts. You can remove a cluster, reassign it to another vCenter Server, and add it again if you decide later to use different hosts.
  4. Click OK.
    When the process completes, the cluster appears in the list of available clusters and can be used in the NetApp Element Management extension point.