Using object naming best practices when managing multiple clusters

You should use a consistent and descriptive naming convention for all objects associated with the NetApp Element Plug-in for vCenter Server to ensure you can identify cluster components easily. This is particularly important when using multiple vCenter Server installations and multiple clusters.

Managing multiple clusters can become confusing if a descriptive naming convention is not used. For example, if you have SF-cluster1 and SF-cluster2 in your inventory, accounts, volumes, and datastores should follow a similar pattern, such as SF1-account1 and SF2-vol1. Using consistent naming makes it easier to identify the cluster you are working with without having to examine the cluster navigation bar in the NetApp Element Management extension point. It also minimizes the chances of incorrectly modifying an object in vSphere that serves as the backing for an Element software-based storage object; for example, a datastore that is associated with an Element software-based volume.