Upgrading to management node 11.0 or 11.1

You must upgrade to management node version 11.0 or 11.1 to use the latest HealthTools suite of tools needed to upgrade NetApp Element software to version 11.3 for storage nodes.

About this task

You need management node 11.0 or 11.1 and the latest HealthTools to upgrade Element software from 10.3 + through 11.x. Upgrades to management node 11.x from 10.x management node versions are not supported.

For upgrades from older Element software versions, see upgrade information.

NetApp Knowledgebase Answer 1088254: Upgrade matrix for storage clusters running NetApp Element Software

Attention: If you have an existing management node that has been updated to 10.3 using update-fdva, it might need a patch from NetApp Support before it can be used to run HealthTools and/or upgrade the storage cluster.


  1. For management node versions earlier than version 11.0, install and deploy a new version 11.1 management node:
    1. Log in to the NetApp Support Site to download the management node software package for version 11.1.
    2. Download either an OVA or ISO image according to your platform:
      Platform Installation image type
      Microsoft Hyper-V .iso
      KVM .iso
      VMware vSphere .iso, .ova
      Citrix XenServer .iso
      OpenStack .iso
    3. Create a new 64-bit virtual machine with the following configuration:
      • Six virtual CPUs
      • 12GB RAM
      • 400GB virtual disk, thin provisioned
      • One virtual network interface with internet access
      • (Optional) One virtual network interface with management network access to the storage cluster
    4. Attach the solidfire-fdva-xxxx-xxxx.iso to the virtual machine, and boot to the .iso install image.
      • Access the NetApp Support Site for the latest version of the management node .iso image.
      • Installing a management node using the .ISO image might result in 30-second delay before the SolidFire splash screen appears.
      • Installing a management node removes all data from the virtual machine (VM).
    5. Power on the management node after the installation completes.
    6. Create a management node admin user using the terminal user interface (TUI).
      Tip: To enter text, press Enter on the keyboard to open edit mode. After you enter text, press Enter again to close the edit mode. To navigate between fields, use the arrow keys.
    7. Configure the management node network using the TUI.
  2. (Optional) For upgrades from management node version 11.0 to 11.1, follow the steps in the related NetApp Knowledgebase article.