Updating management services using mNode API

Users should perform management services updates from the NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control page. You alternately can manually update management services using the REST API UI from the management node. Management services updates are available as service bundles from an online software repository.

Before you begin

About this task

This procedure describes the manual update of management services using the management node API. Management services include the SIOC service for the Element Plug-in for vCenter, the Active IQ collector service, the NetApp HCI monitoring service (for NetApp HCI installations only) and additional services. Updates to non-service-based components of the management node are provided as updated images (OVA or ISO) and cannot be updated using this procedure.


  1. Open the REST API UI on the management node: https://[management node IP]/mnode
  2. Click Authorize and complete the following:
    1. Enter the cluster user name and password.
    2. Enter the client ID as mnode-client if the value is not already populated.
    3. Copy the token URL string and paste it into another browser tab to initiate a token request.
    4. Click Authorize to begin a session.
  3. (Optional) Confirm available versions of management node services: GET /services/versions
  4. (Optional) Get detailed information about the latest version: GET /services/versions/latest
  5. (Optional) Get detailed information about a specific version: GET /services/versions/{version}/info
  6. Perform one of the following management services update options:
    Option Description
    PUT /services/update/latest Run this command to update to the most recent version of management node services.
    PUT /services/update/{version} Run this command to update to a specific version of management node services.
  7. Use GET/services/update/status to monitor the status of the update.
    A successful update returns a result similar to the following example:
        "current_version": "2.1.346",
        "details": "Updated to version 2.1.346",
        "status": "success"