The snapMirrorRelationship object contains information about a SnapMirror relationship between a Element volume and an ONTAP volume.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
snapMirrorEndpointID The ID of the destination ONTAP system. integer
snapMirrorRelationshipID The unique identifier for each snapMirrorRelationship object in an array as would be returned in ListSnapMirrorRelationships. This UUID is created and returned from the ONTAP system. string
sourceVolume An object describing the source volume. snapMirrorVolumeInfo
destinationVolume An object describing the destination volume. snapMirrorVolumeInfo
currentMaxTransferRate The current maximum transfer rate between the source and destination volumes, in kilobytes per second. integer
isHealthy Whether the relationship is healthy or not. Possible values:
  • true: The relationship is healthy.
  • false: The relationship is not healthy. This can be caused by a manual or scheduled update failing or being aborted, or by the last scheduled update being delayed.
lagtime The amount of time in seconds by which the data on the destination volume lags behind the data on the source volume. integer
lastTransferDuration The amount of time in seconds it took for the last transfer to complete. integer
lastTransferError A message describing the cause of the last transfer failure. string
lastTransferSize The total number of bytes transferred during the last transfer. integer
lastTransferEndTimestamp The timestamp of the end of the last transfer. ISO 8601 date string
lastTransferType The type of the previous transfer in the relationship. string
maxTransferRate Specifies the maximum data transfer rate between the volumes in kilobytes per second. The default value, 0, is unlimited and permits the SnapMirror relationship to fully utilize the available network bandwidth. integer
The mirror state of the SnapMirror relationship. Possible values:
  • uninitialized: The destination volume has not been initialized.
  • snapmirrored: The destination volume has been initialized and is ready to receive SnapMirror updates.
  • broken-off: The destination volume is read-write and snapshots are present.
newestSnapshot The name of the newest Snapshot copy on the destination volume. string
policyName Specifies the name of the ONTAP SnapMirror policy for the relationship. A list of available policies can be retrieved with ListSnapMirrorPolicies. Example values are “MirrorLatest” and “MirrorAndVault”. string
policyType The type of the ONTAP SnapMirror policy for the relationship. See ListSnapMirrorPolicies. Examples are: “async_mirror” or “mirror_vault”. string
relationshipProgress The total number of bytes that have been processed so far for the current activity of the relationship as returned in the relationship-status. This is set only when the "relationshipStatus" member indicates that an activity is in progress. integer
The status of the SnapMirror relationship. Possible values:
  • idle
  • transferring
  • checking
  • quiescing
  • quiesced
  • queued
  • preparing
  • finalizing
  • aborting
  • breaking
relationshipType The type of the SnapMirror relationship. On storage clusters running Element software, this value is always “extended_data_protection”. string
scheduleName The name of the pre-existing cron schedule on the ONTAP system that is used to update the SnapMirror relationship. A list of available schedules can be retrieved with ListSnapMirrorSchedules. string
unhealthyReason The reason the relationship is not healthy. string