The snapMirrorNetworkInterface object contains information about the intercluster Logical Interfaces (LIFs).

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
administrativeStatus Whether the logical interface (LIF) is administratively enabled or disabled. Possible values:
  • up
  • down
snapMirrorEndpointID The ID of the destination ONTAP system. integer
interfaceName The LIF name. string
networkAddress The IP address of the LIF. string
networkMask The network mask of the LIF. string
interfaceRole The role of the LIF. Possible values:
  • undef
  • cluster
  • data
  • node_mgmt
  • intercluster
  • cluster_mgmt
operationalStatus The operational state of the LIF (whether or not it has formed a successful connection). This status can differ from the administrative status if there is a network problem that prevents the interface from functioning. Possible values:
  • up
  • down
vserverName The name of the Vserver. string