The volumePair object contains information about a volume that is paired with another volume on a different cluster. If the volume is not paired, this object is empty. You can use the ListActivePairedVolumes and ListActiveVolumes API methods to return information about paired volumes.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
clusterPairID The cluster on which the volume is paired. integer
remoteReplication Details on volume replication. Members:
  • mode: (string) One of "Async", "Sync", or "SnapshotsOnly".
  • pauseLimit: (integer) Internal use only.
  • remoteServiceID: (integer) The remote slice service ID.
  • resumeDetails: (string) Reserved for future use.
  • snapshotReplication (JSON object)
    • state: (string) The state of the ongoing snapshot replication, if one is in progress.
    • stateDetails: (string) Reserved for future use.
  • state: (string) The state of the volume replication.
  • stateDetails: (string) Reserved for future use.
JSON object
remoteSliceID The cluster-defined slice ID on the remote cluster. integer
remoteVolumeID The ID of the volume on the remote cluster that the local volume is paired with. integer
remoteVolumeName The name of the remote volume. string
volumePairUUID A universally unique, cluster-defined identifier for this pairing in a canonical format. string