The authSessionInfo object contains information about an auth session.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
accessGroupList List of access groups for the user. string array
authMethod The type of authorization the cluster admin user has. Possible values:
  • LDAP - authenticated via LDAP.
  • Cluster - authenticated via a username and password stored in the cluster database.
  • IdP - authenticated via a third-party Identity Provider.
clusterAdminIDs List of cluster AdminID(s) associated with this session. For sessions related to LDAP or a third-party Identity Provider (IdP), this will be an aggregate list of matching Cluster AdminIDs associated with this session. integer array
finalTimeout Time at which the session becomes invalid.This is set when the session is created and cannot be changed. string
idpConfigVersion IdP configuration version when the session was created. integer
lastAccessTimeout Time at which the session becomes invalid due to inactivity.It is set to a new value when the session is accessed for use, up to the time where the session becomes invalid due to finalTimeout being reached. string
sessionCreationTime Time at which the session is created. string
sessionID UUID for this session. UUID
username Username associated with this session. For sessions related to LDAP, this will be the user’s LDAP DN. For sessions related to a third-party IdP, this will be an arbitrary name-value pair that will be used for auditing operations within the session. It will not necessarily match a cluster admin name on the cluster. For example, a SAML Subject NameID,but this will be dictated by the configuration of the IdP and the resultant content of the SAML assertion. string