You can use the GetHardwareInfo method to get hardware information and status for a single node. Hardware information generally includes manufacturers, vendors, versions, drives, and other associated identification information.


This method has the following input parameter:

Name Description Type Default value Required
force Set this "force" parameter to true to run on all nodes in the cluster. boolean false No

Return value

This method has the following return value:

Name Description Type
hardwareInfo Hardware information for the node. hardwareInfo

Request example

Requests for this method are similar to the following example:

   "method": "GetHardwareInfo",
   "params": {
"id" : 1

Response example

This method returns a response similar to the following example:

  "id": 1,
  "result": {
    "hardwareInfo": {
      "bus": {
        "core_DMI:0200": {
          "description": "Motherboard",
          "physid": "0",
          "product": "0A47AA",
          "serial": "..AB123456C12354.",
          "version": "C07"
      "driveHardware": [
          "canonicalName": "sdh",
          "connected": true,
          "dev": 2160,
          "devPath": "/dev/disk/by-path/pci-0000:41:00.0-sas-0x500056b37789abf0-lun-0",
          "driveEncryptionCapability": "fips",
          "driveType": "Block",
          "lifeRemainingPercent": 92,
          "lifetimeReadBytes": 175436696911872,
          "lifetimeWriteBytes": 81941097349120,
          "name": "scsi-SATA_INTEL_SSDSC2BB3BTWL12345686300AAA",
          "path": "/dev/sdh",
          "pathLink": "/dev/disk/by-path/pci-0000:41:00.0-sas-0x500056b37789abf0-lun-0",
          "powerOnHours": 17246,
          "product": "INTEL SSDAA2AA300A4",
          "reallocatedSectors": 0,
          "reserveCapacityPercent": 100,
          "scsiCompatId": "scsi-SATA_INTEL_SSDSC2BB3BTWL12345686300AAA",
          "scsiState": "Running",
          "securityAtMaximum": false,
          "securityEnabled": false,
          "securityFrozen": false,
          "securityLocked": false,
          "securitySupported": true,
          "serial": "AAAA33710886300AAA",
          "size": 300069052416,
          "slot": 1,
          "smartSsdWriteCapable": false,
          "uuid": "aea178b9-c336-6bab-a61d-87b615e8120c",
          "vendor": "Intel",
          "version": "D2010370"

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