task (virtual volumes)

The task object contains information about a currently running or finished virtual volume task in the system. You can use the ListVirtualVolumeTasks method to retrieve this information for all virtual volume tasks.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
cancelled Indicates whether or not the task was cancelled. Possible values:
  • true
  • false
cloneVirtualVolumeID The unique virtual volume ID of the virtual volume being cloned (for clone tasks). UUID
parentMetadata An object containing metadata of the parent for tasks which clone or create snapshots of a virtual volume. JSON object
parentTotalSize The total space available (in bytes) on the parent for clone or snapshot tasks. integer
parentUsedSize The used space of the parent (in bytes) for clone or snapshot tasks. integer
operation The type of operation the task is performing. Possible values:
  • unknown: The task operation is unknown.
  • prepare: The task is preparing a virtual volume.
  • snapshot: The task is creating a snapshot of a virtual volume.
  • rollback: The task is rolling back a virtual volume to a snapshot.
  • clone: The task is creating a clone of the virtual volume.
  • fastClone: The task is creating a fast clone of a virtual volume.
  • copyDiffs: The task is copying differing blocks to a virtual volume.
status The current status of the virtual volume task. Possible values:
  • Error: The task has failed and returned an error.
  • Queued: The task is waiting to be run.
  • Running: The task is currently running.
  • Success: The task has completed successfully.
virtualVolumeHostID The unique ID of the host that started the task. UUID
virtualVolumeID The new, unique virtual volume ID (for tasks that create a new virtual volume). UUID
virtualVolumeTaskID The unique ID of the task. UUID