The groupSnapshot object contains information about a snapshot for a group of volumes. You can use the ListGroupSnapshots API method to retrieve group snapshot information.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
attributes List of name-value pairs in JSON object format. JSON object
createTime The UTC+0 formatted day and time on which the group snapshot was created. ISO 8601 date string
enableRemoteReplication Identifies if the snapshot is enabled for remote replication. boolean
groupSnapshotID The unique ID of the group snapshot. integer
groupSnapshotUUID The UUID of the group snapshot. string
members An array of objects containing information about each member of the group snapshot. snapshot array
name The name of the group snapshot, or, if none was given, the UTC formatted day and time on which the snapshot was created. string or ISO 8601 date string
remoteStatuses An array containing the universal identifier and replication status of each remote snapshot on the target cluster as seen from the source cluster. remoteClusterSnapshotStatus array
status Current status of the snapshot. Possible values:
  • Unknown: There was an error obtaining the status of the snapshot.
  • Preparing: This snapshot is being prepared for use and is not yet writable.
  • RemoteSyncing: This snapshot is being replicated from a remote cluster.
  • Done: This snapshot has finished preparation or replication and is now usable.
  • Active: This snapshot is the active branch.
  • Cloning: This snapshot is involved in a CopyVolume operation.