The ldapConfiguration object contains information about the LDAP configuration on the storage system. You can retrieve LDAP information with the GetLdapConfiguration API method.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
authType Identifies which user authentication method to use. Possible values:
  • DirectBind
  • SearchAndBind
Identifies whether or not the system is configured for LDAP. Possible values:
  • true
  • false
groupSearchBaseDN The base DN of the tree to start the group search (the system will perform a subtree search from here). string
groupSearchCustomFilter The custom search filter used. string
groupSearchType Controls the default group search filter used. Possible values:
  • NoGroups: No group support.
  • ActiveDirectory: Nested membership of all of a user’s AD groups.
  • MemberDN: MemberDN style groups (single-level).
searchBindDN A fully qualified DN to log in with to perform an LDAP search for the user (needs read access to the LDAP directory). string
serverURIs A comma-separated list of LDAP server URIs (for example, ldap:// and ldaps:// string
userDNTemplate A string that is used to form a fully qualified user DN. string
userSearchBaseDN The base DN of the tree used to start the search (will do a subtree search from here). string
userSearchFilter The LDAP filter used. string