The cluster object contains information that the node uses to communicate with the cluster. You can retrieve this information with the GetClusterConfig API method.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
cipi Network interface used for cluster communication. string
cluster Unique cluster name. string
encryptionCapable Indicates whether the node supports drive encryption. boolean
ensemble The nodes that are participating in the cluster. string array
fipsDriveConfiguration Indicates whether the node supports FIPS 140-2 certified drives. boolean
mipi The network interface used for node management. string
name The cluster name. string
nodeID The node ID of the node in the cluster. string
pendingNodeID The ID of the pending node in the cluster. integer
role Identifies the role of the node. integer
sipi The network interface used for storage traffic. string
state The current state of the node. Possible values:
  • Available: The node has not been configured with a cluster name.
  • Pending: The node is pending for a specific named cluster and can be added.
  • Active: The node is an active member of a cluster and cannot be added to another cluster.
  • PendingActive: The node is currently being returned to the factory software image, and is not yet an active member of a cluster. When complete, it will transition to the Active state.
version The version of software running on the node. string

Member modifiability and node states

This table indicates whether or not the object parameters can be modified at each possible node state.

Parameter name Available state Pending state Active state
cipi No No No
cluster Yes Yes No
encryptionCapable No No No
ensemble No No No
mipi Yes Yes No
name Yes Yes Yes
nodeID No No No
pendingNodeID No No No
role No No No
sipi No No No
state No No No
version No No No