The snapMirrorEndpoint object contains information about the remote SnapMirror storage systems communicating with the Element storage cluster. You can retrieve this information with the ListSnapMirrorEndpoints API method.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
snapMirrorEndpointID The unique identifier for the object in the local cluster. integer
managementIP The cluster management IP address of the endpoint. string
clusterName The ONTAP cluster name. This value is automatically populated with the value of “clusterName” from the snapMirrorClusterIdentity object. string
username The management user name for the ONTAP system. string
ipAddresses List of the inter-cluster storage IP addresses for all nodes in the cluster. You can get these IP addresses with the ListSnapMirrorNetworkInterfaces method. string array
isConnected The connectivity status of the control link to the ONTAP cluster. boolean