The hardwareInfo object contains detailed information about the hardware and status of each node in the cluster. You can retrieve this information with the GetHardwareInfo API method.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
boardSerial The DMI board serial number. string
bus Motherboard media bus information. JSON object
chassisSerial The serial number of the chassis. string
driveHardware A list of information for each drive in the node. JSON object array
fibreChannelPorts A list of Fibre Channel ports on the node. integer array
hardwareConfig Motherboard peripheral configuration information. JSON object
kernelCrashDumpState The crash dump configuration of the operating system kernel. string
memory Firmware and system memory hardware information. JSON object
network Descriptions of the hardware of each of the node's network interfaces. JSON object
networkInterfaces The status of the node's network interfaces. JSON object
nodeSlot For HCI platforms, the letter corresponding to the chassis slot this node is in ("A", "B", "C", or "D"). For storage platforms, this value is null. string
nvram NVRAM statistics for the node. JSON object
origin The vendor of the motherboard. string
platform A description of the chassis platform. JSON object
serial The serial number of the product. string
storage Storage controller information. JSON object
systemMemory Operating system memory usage and performance information. JSON object
system The type of node chassis. JSON object
uuid The unique ID of the node. UUID