network (Ethernet interfaces)

The network (Ethernet interfaces) object contains configuration information for individual Ethernet interfaces. You can use the GetConfig and GetNetworkConfig methods to obtain this information for a storage node.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type
bond-master Specifies which bonded interface this physical interface has joined as a bond slave. string
family Address family that the interface is configured to use. Currently "inet" for IPv4 is supported. string
macAddress The actual MAC address assigned to the interface and observed by the network. string
macAddressPermanent The immutable MAC address assigned by the manufacturer to the interface. string
method The method used to configure the interface. Possible values:
  • loopback: Used to define the IPv4 loopback interface.
  • manual: Used to define interfaces that are not configured automatically.
  • dhcp: Can be used to obtain an IP address via DHCP.
  • static: Used to define Ethernet interfaces with statically allocated IPv4 addresses.
status The state of the interface. Possible values:
  • Down: The interface is inactive.
  • Up: The interface is ready, but has no link.
  • UpAndRunning: The interface is ready and a link is established.
upAndRunning Indicates if the interface is ready and has a link. boolean

Member modifiability and node states

This table indicates whether or not the object parameters can be modified at each possible node state.

Parameter name Available state Pending state Active state
bond-master No No No
family No No No
macAddress Configured by system N/A N/A
macAddressPermanent Configured by system N/A N/A
method No No No
status Yes Yes Yes
upAndRunning Configured by system N/A N/A