NetApp SolidFire Enterprise SDS overview

NetApp SolidFire Enterprise SDS (eSDS) provides the benefits of SolidFire scale out technology and NetApp Element software data services on the hardware of your choice that meets the reference configuration for SolidFire eSDS. SolidFire eSDS delivers NetApp Element software independent of the underlying hardware. This enables you to use all the Element functionality either on a NetApp-branded appliance or on a general-purpose server, which complies with the NetApp reference configuration.

Here are the key features of SolidFire eSDS:

With SolidFire eSDS, NetApp provides containers for Element that you can run on commodity hardware that meets the necessary requirements. You bring your own server with an operating system already installed. You use an automation tool, such as Ansible, to run the pre-installation compliance check and install SolidFire eSDS. As part of your pre-installation setup tasks, you should install the management node to support log bundle collection as well as other services, such as SolidFire AIQ. Here is an architectural overview that shows the various components in the SolidFire eSDS environment:

Note: You are responsible for configuring, monitoring, and managing the life cycle of the platform as well as configuring the network interfaces and routing tables.