Working with volume access groups and initiators

You can use iSCSI initiators or Fibre Channel initiators to access the volumes defined within volume access groups.

You can create access groups by mapping iSCSI initiator IQNs or Fibre Channel WWPNs in a collection of volumes. Each IQN that you add to an access group can access each volume in the group without requiring CHAP authentication.

There are two types of CHAP authentication methods:

Optionally, with per-initiator CHAP, you can enforce initiator authorization and per-initiator CHAP authentication. These options can be defined on a per-initiator basis and an access group can contain a mix of initiators with different options.

Each WWPN that you add to an access group enables Fibre Channel network access to the volumes in the access group.

Note: Volume access groups have the following limits: